Paralia Katerinis

Greece. A marvellous country of beautiful islands, endless beaches, breathless views and remarkable archaeological sites. A birthplace of great heroes and warriors, philosophers and poets. A country of myths and magical stories. Every corner offers something to see, to taste, to experience and to enjoy. A place once visited, stays in your heart forever.

Only 65 kilometres from the Thessaloniki airport, next to the ancient Pydna, close to the archaic Dion, on the beach of the Thermaic gulf and in the heart of Makedonia lies Paralia Katerinis. A tourist destination with wide and endless beaches, plenty of beach bars, night clubs and cafes, traditional Greek restaurants, countless shops, a busy port, a Waterland and a Luna park, water sports, tennis court and basketball pitch, public swimming pools, ... all under the palace of the twelve gods – Mountain Olympos.

Just two kilometers sidewalk, connecting Paralia Katerinis with another tourist destination - Olympic beach, is ideal for romantic evening or sunrise walks by the beach. Greek tourist agencies in Paralia offer various excursions, such as Thessaloniki sightseeing and shopping trip, excursion to Acropolis in Athens, Meteora monasteries, cruises to the holy Mt. Athos, or to a beautiful island Skiathos. For those who like hiking, there is an opportunity to go hiking to Mt. Olympos.

It takes only 5 minutes to get to Katerini, a city visited yearly by thousands of tourists, where plenty of shops are selling traditional Greek products missing in other countries. All these things make Paralia the most suitable destination and it is preferred by thousands of tourists of any age and interests every year. © 2015 - 2021. All rights reserved.Web development by